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David Hilliker

Director – 07809126156

Having spent 8 years in retail not really knowing what I wanted to achieve in life, I met a group of recruiters who were on their daily morning coffee run and found out more about life as a recruiter, and immediately knew this was a line of work which would be thoroughly enjoyable. After an intensive 4 stage interview process, I was successful and was appointed to joined the education team, specialising in Health and Social Care / Childcare. Starting as a trainee, I had the benefit of working with some very successful individuals and learnt all the skills necessary to develop long lasting relationships, recognise business opportunities and make some great placements. After 2 years I began to mentor new people who joined the business, and was then further promoted to a management position. This position gave me the boost I needed to start planning out my own business, and what I wanted to achieve with the Hillko brand.

It has been a great journey, and there are many exciting plans for Hillko in the pipeline!

Stephen Sidgwick

Principle Consultant – 07427638304

After 8 years in the military and 5 years on the road working security for the Movie and TV industry, I decided I wanted to settle down in a career that I could develop and grow into.  I put my CV online hoping for some inspiration and recruitment found me.  An internal recruiter contacted me out of the blue and I was 1 of a group of 11 that interviewed successfully at a very large corporate group that provided me with the tools and experience I needed to succeed in this field.  I worked hard and learned as much as I could. After developing my skillset, I learned how to create and maintain relationships, service customers and win the confidence of professionals at a critical time in their careers when change is on the horizon.   That change came for me also when a very good friend and colleague I had worked with for 5 years called me to join him at Hillko Ltd, and after 5 years of being in the top 10% at my then current job, I decided to take that leap and help to grow his vision of great service at a market sustainable rate.  In my spare time, I enjoy riding motorcycles, trying out new restaurants and planning my next road trip!

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